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Where is the Beyond Brown Paper website?

The Beyond Brown Paper website is currently only accessible from the Plymouth State University campus, at

What is the history of the Brown Collection?

The Brown Company archived thousands of photographs over their long history. When the company was sold to the James River company in the 1980s, the photographs were given to a small museum in the North Country. Over the next few years, the collection was moved to various locations, and ended up at Plymouth State College. Bill Taylor, Associate Professor of History, was responsible for appreciating the archival value of the Brown Company photographs and arranged to bring the collection to Plymouth State College in the 1970s. The collection remained in the Lamson Library Special Collections but had direct oversight by the Institute of New Hampshire Studies (INHS) faculty. A visitor who wanted to view the collection arranged a meeting time with the Director of INHS. David Switzer, Professor of History, replaced Professor Taylor on an interim basis and in 1997, collection viewings were arranged through Professor Okrant and Professor Switzer and Okrant or Katherine Donahue, Professor of Anthropology, remained in the room with every researcher. Photographs could be photocopied and, in some instances, removed from Special Collections by completing an INHS borrowing form.

In 2002, Professor Okrant obtained funding through President Donald Wharton's office to have the collection scanned. It was Professor Okrant's contention that the collection's value would be dramatically enhanced if the photographs could be viewed and annotated by the remaining Brown Company workers and senior residents of Berlin who may have a direct and personal connection with the subject matter. Fortuitously, David A. Berona was hired as the Library Director at this time and had experience digitizing historical collections. Berona and others were awarded a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts to digitize this valuable collection and make it available online. The scanning was undertaken by Dr. Charles Brown, Academic Technology Fellow. Using accepted digitization standards, he scanned tens of thousands of images in the collection, many of which are now available in this repository.

How do I save an image to my computer?

How do I search for an exact phrase?

If you want to find a string of words in a certain order, click on "Advanced Search" and select "the exact phrase" from the drop down menu. A keyword search for a phrase in quotation marks will ignore the quotation marks.

Who should I contact if I have a question about the collection or want to share information about an image?

If you have additional information about any of our items that you would like to submit to archives staff, please contact Spinelli Archives staff listed below.

We also encourage you to use the “Comment” link located above each image’s title, but please be aware, these comments are publicly visible to everyone.

Do I need permission to utilize any of the images?

Images may be used for personal research or non-profit educational purposes without prior permission.

Publication or commercial use of items or data require written permission. To inquire about permissions, please contact Spinelli Archives staff listed below.

What should I do if I have a complaint about an item in the collection?

You have grounds for a complaint if you believe that material in the collection infringes on your or another’s copyright or is otherwise unlawful. Read our Notice and Takedown Policy for more information about submitting a complaint.

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